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Cuba-the country to which the US President Barrack Obama recently made a historic visit.

He became the first President to visit Cuba in 88 years after he agreed in 2014 to improve relations with the Cold War foe.

After it was conquered by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1001 AD, the name Gandhara disappeared.

During the Muslim period, the area was administered from Lahore or from Kabul.

Unfortunately not all the sites have as yet been excavated.

Therefore, in some cases the reasons can only be regarded as suggestions.

It is mentioned in the Zend Avesta as Vaēkərəta, the sixth most beautiful place on earth, created by Ahura Mazda.

The conference in which many Asian countries are participating was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.It encompassed the Peshawar valley and later extended to both Jalalabad district of modern-day Afghanistan as well as Taxila, in Pakistan.During the Achaemenid period and Hellenistic period, its capital city was Charsadda, but later the capital city was moved to Peshawar by the Kushan emperor Kanishka the Great in about 127 CE.During Mughal times, it was an independent district which included the Kabul province.The name Gāndhāra occurs later in the classical Sanskrit of the epics. The Gandhari people are a tribe mentioned in the Rigveda, the Atharvaveda, and later texts.The reasons for the choice of a particular site will be given in this appendix.


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