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We know this here at Dating and Relationship Advice for Women and it’s our mission to guide you to the ultimate goal: LOVE in the smartest way possible.

Our site is jam-packed with tons of advice, secrets, and tips to find the perfect man. We also show you how to get the most (and most fun) out of your relationships and we show you how to keep the relationship solid. If you dig what you see here, link to us from your site. Our resident Love Gurus strive to answer emails in a timely manner. Any articles written by outside sources remain the Copyright of the original authors.

You’ll find easy to use instructions with sample text and HTML. You’ll find other interesting dating and relationship websites as well as links to web directories and other fun stuff. We will get back to you as soon as possible (maybe a little later if we find a new love interest? If you would like to reprint anything you see on this website, please contact us for the particulars.

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We’re self-proclaimed love gurus who are excited about every step of the process from that first awkward hello to the monumental day you actually get an entire drawer just for yourself at your honey’s house to the day you finally promise your hearts to each other and beyond! Life just isn’t the same unless you have someone to intimately share it with.

With this knowledge, walking up to a woman and talking to her is no longer stressful and anxiety inducing.

He shows men that with the right tools, seducing women is simple and easy.

Make it a habit to go up to the most beautiful and intimidating lady at every social function you’re at, and start a conversation. You’ll fail a few times because of nerves, but it’s that failure that’ll help you eventually succeed on a regular basis. I’m not talking to them to trick them into liking me. I’ve had lower levels, and I’ve had optimal levels.

If you develop confidence in other areas of your life, it translates. Then pay attention to how hot and bothered she gets on a regular basis when you’re producing higher levels of this awesome sex-hormone that is testosterone. Read this: How to Naturally Enhance Your Testosterone Levels At the end of the article you’ll read about eat.


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