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Hilary Erhard Duff (born September 28, 1987) is an American actress and singer.

Duff began her acting career at a young age, and quickly became labeled a teen idol as the title character of the Disney Channel comedy series Lizzie Mc Guire (2001–2004).

Surviving Disaster TV Series – Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, Episode #3 Soundtrack – The Cliff song performed by the Alexandrov Red Army Choir, The soloist – Leonid Kharitonov (1965) Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Director: Nick Murphy Writer: Nick Murphy Release Date: 24 January 2006 (UK) The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster from the BBC documentary series, Surviving Disaster.

This episode follows the accident as told by Valeri Legasov (played by Adrian Edmondson, in one of his more serious roles), the Russian scientist who was a key member of the Soviet government commission formed to investigate the causes of the catastrophe and to plan the mitigation of its consequences. Some of the documentary was filmed on location in the abandoned town of Pripyat and inside one of the remaining 3 (now closed) nuclear reactors located at Chernobyl.

Grant states that there have been a thousand years of European intermarriage with the Mayans.

Europeans discovered the Mayans in the early Sixteenth century, so there has only have been at the very most five hundred years for interbreeding to occur.

See full summary » It's Christmas Eve when an ominous dark star appears in the sky; could this star be a sign that Judgment Day is near?

When massive earthquakes and natural disasters tear apart cities, it seems that the day of reckoning is upon us - and now a small band of heroes must come together to save the world!

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Taylor Swift has written a lot of songs about love and heartbreak, but one of the most intriguing songs on her new album is about what happens after the love, and after the heartbreak.

Speaking with Tavi Gevinson for the June issue of , the "Bad Blood" singer, 25, opened up about what inspired the tune "Clean," widely thought to be about her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.

See more » The 12 Disasters of Christmas is a Christmas-themed disaster movie from the Sy Fy Channel that attempts to emulate the same kind of Mayan prophecy disaster nonsense as in the big bucks Hollywood movie 2012. Monroe, no stranger to the B-movie genre having already made the likes of ICE TWISTERS and the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE remake.

Except, of course, the filmmakers have a budget of about .60, so attempting to convey world-scale events on a tiny budget was always going to be a challenge. Religious nonsense provides a backdrop to the otherwise familiar action, which sees a family trio pursued by twelve different disasters: they are forced to flee from freezing ground, invisible force fields, icicle showers, and other assorted mayhem.


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